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Peeters will publish ‘Revue Biblique’

Revue Biblique is one of the leading academic journals in the field of Biblical studies. It was established more than a century ago and is published under the auspices of the École biblique et archéologique française (Jerusalem). The School was founded in 1890 by Marie-Joseph Lagrange, a Dominican priest. Since its creation, it has been involved in the exegesis of biblical texts, and has carried out archaeological research in Palestine and the adjacent territories. Since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the scholars at the School have been heavily involved in the translation and interpretation of the texts. The School’s principal disciplines are epigraphy, the Semitic languages, Assyriology, Egyptology, other aspects of ancient history, geography, and ethnography.

From volume 123 (2016) onwards ‘Revue biblique’ will be published by Peeters in print and electronic format.

For subscriptions please contact
Peeters Journals Department
Bondgenotenlaan 153
3000 Leuven

For manuscript submission please contact
Revue Biblique
c/o Marc Leroy
POB 19053

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Call for Nominations

The Society of Biblical Literature is a member-run learned society. Its governance structure depends on the community of volunteer scholars who quite literally take turns leading the organization. Over one-thousand members serve every year, for various terms of office, in many different areas, in order to support SBL’s mission of fostering biblical scholarship. Some positions are initiated by members as they propose book series or program units (and serve as editors and chairs). Members support editors and chairs by serving on book series editorial boards or program unit steering committees. Some work is done in an advisory fashion, or on an ad hoc board that addresses new challenges and opportunities. Still other groups are standing committees, and their members assist with the ongoing programs, policies, and business matters of the Society. See a list of the various committees and boards (select a committee to read its description).

SBL Members are encouraged and invited to submit nominations to fill open positions on SBL committees and boards. Members may nominate themselves. All nominees must be members in good standing of the SBL. For more information on what positions are open, when they open, and on how to submit a name, please go here.

International Cooperation Initiative (ICI) Books and Newsletter

These books have been added to the ICI repository in December:
Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century: Scholarship and Movement
Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schüssler. Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century: Scholarship and Movement. The Bible and Women 2. Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014.

The Studia Philonica Annual: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, Volume XXIII (2011).
Runia, David T. and Gregory E. Sterling, eds. The Studia Philonica Annual: Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, Volume XXIII (2011). Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2011.

The Old Greek of Isaiah: An Analysis of Its Pluses and Minuses
Van Der Vorm-Croughs, Mirjam. The Old Greek of Isaiah: An Analysis of Its Pluses and Minuses. Septuagint and Cognate Studies 61. Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014.

ICI Newsletter Archive

Luce Fund for Theological Education

The Luce Fund for Theological Education supports the development of new models of teaching and learning, research and publication, leadership development and educational program design. Structured as an open competition for seminaries, divinity schools, and other institutions that support graduate theological education, the Fund places central emphasis on the challenges of public engagement, within and across multiple religious traditions, and in a variety of different contexts.

Any accredited seminary or divinity school in the United States is eligible to submit a letter of inquiry from January 1, 2016 through March 15,2016
More information >>

International Meeting Call for Papers is Open

We are excited about partnering with the Society of Asian Biblical Studies, the Korean Old Testament Society, and the Korean New Testament Society for the 2016 International Meeting in Seoul, South Korea.
Link to the Call for Papers

Awards Open for Submission

As of December 14th, many of the award programs available to members of SBL were open for submission. Check out the webpages of the SBL – De Gruyter Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History, the Paul J. Achtemeier Award for New Testament Scholarship, the David Noel Freedman Award for Excellence and Creativity in Hebrew Bible Scholarship, and the Annual Meeting Travel Grants for more information. Details on opportunities to present at regional meetings and how to apply for a Regional Scholar Award are also available on each regional meeting webpage. Don’t miss this opportunity. Submit your application today!

SBL Press E-books

Don’t forget to visit the Kindle Store and Google Play to search for available SBL Press and Society of Biblical Literature titles.

Featured titles:

Royal Apologetic in the Ancient Near East
Andrew Knapp
Knapp provides a theoretical treatment of the concept of apologetic and establishes a much-needed definition of the term that incorporates both genre theory and historical scholarship. He examines the rhetoric of apologies in royal inscriptions from Hatti, Aram, Assyria, and Babylonia—drawing attention to recurring motifs, such as the king’s divine election, the unworthiness of the royal predecessor, the king’s military prowess, and more. Drawing on these comparative materials, Knapp detects apologetic elements in the biblical narratives about David and Solomon, both of whom ascended the throne in atypical fashion and undoubtedly had to address accusations of illegitimacy.

Paper $59.95, ISBN 9780884140740
Hardcover $79.95, ISBN 9780884140764
Kindle, ASIN B01943DG40
Google Play, ISBN 9780884140757
440 pages • Writings from the Ancient World Supplements 4

The High Middle Ages
Kari Elisabeth Børresen and Adriana Velerio, editors
This volume in the series Bible and Women explores the relationship of women to the Bible in the high and late Middle Ages in Europe and Byzantium. It opens up new insights into women’s reception and exegesis of biblical texts in their mystical, doctrinal, and literary writings as well as through art and music. The authors examine a variety of interpretations from the Gregorian Reform (1046–1122) up to the Malleus Maleficarum (1498), including traditional exegesis that uses the Bible to legitimize the subordination of women and their exclusion from the sphere of power.

Paper $57.95, ISBN 9780884140498
Hardcover $77.95, ISBN 9780884140542
Kindle, ASIN B019453YD6
Google Play, ISBN 9780884140511
468 pages • Bible and Women 6.2

Bible and Transformation: Methodological Perspectives on Philological and Comparative Study of the Hebrew Bible in Honor of Jo Ann Hackett
Hans de Wit and Janet Dyk, editors
The transformative effect of Bible reading is often assumed but rarely examined: What empirical evidence might indicate a relationship between reading the Bible and transformation? What kinds of transformation are being considered? What practices promote or block the possibility of transformation? In order to answer these questions, the contributors to this volume collected data from ordinary readers from more than twenty-five countries who interacted with a partner group from a different cultural context.

Paper $54.95, ISBN 9781628371055
Hardcover $74.95, ISBN 9781628371062
Kindle, ASIN B018TA6NTO
Google Play, ISBN 9781628371079
486 pages • Semeia Studies 81

Phoenician Aniconism in Its Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Contexts
Brian R. Doak
Whether Phoenicians employed aniconic (as opposed to iconic) representational techniques is significant for Phoenician religion generally and also for the question of whether aniconism can be considered a broader trend among the Semitic populations of the ancient Near East. Is Israel’s famous proscription of divine images in the Hebrew Bible a singular phenomenon, or is it one vigorous form of a broader West Semitic tendency? In this book Doak argues that the Phoenicians did participate in an iconographic program that moved toward divine symbols, abstract forms, and even purely aniconic expressions, though a careful examination of the material record also provides many nuanced examples of native Phoenician anthropomorphic divine imagery.

Paperback $27.95, ISBN 9780884140979
Hardcover $42.95, ISBN 9780884140993
Kindle, ASIN B018T1KTD4
Google Play, ISBN 9780884140986
204 pages • Archaeology and Biblical Studies 21

Current Issues in Priestly and Related Literature: The Legacy of Jacob Milgrom and Beyond
Roy E. Gane and Ada Taggar-Cohen
The single greatest catalyst and contributor to our developing understanding of priestly literature has been Jacob Milgrom (1923–2010), whose seminal articles, provocative hypotheses, and comprehensively probing books vastly expanded and significantly altered scholarship regarding priestly and related literature. Nineteen articles build on Milgrom’s work and look to future directions of research. Essays cover a range of topics including the interpretation, composition and literary structure of priestly and holiness texts as well as their relationships to deuteronomic and extra-biblical texts. The book includes a bibliography of Milgrom’s work published between 1994 and 2014.

Paper $69.95, ISBN 9780884140740
Hardcover $89.95, ISBN 9780884140764
Kindle, ASIN B01943SFV4
Google Play, ISBN 9780884140757
548 pages • Resources for Biblical Study 82


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