October 7, 2015 Newsletter
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Bible Odyssey
With the fall semester in full swing, we've noticed an uptick in traffic to certain articles that have been assigned in courses at both undergraduate and secondary school levels. The following articles seem to have special appeal for classroom use:

A.-J. Levine on OT, Tanakh, and HB

Ron Hendel's article on Abraham

Marvin Sweeney's piece on Covenant in the HB

Ellen Davis' article on The Akedah

Alan Lenzi's backgrounder on the HB and the ANE

Ben Sommer's piece on Monotheism in the HB

Tracy Lemos' article on Marriage Traditions

If you would like to search the depths of Bible Odyssey for classroom resources, we recommend Browse A-Z (filter by "theme").

Thanks to all who have shared Bible Odyssey content with their students!

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ICI News

ICI Books added in September:

Paul as Infant and Nursing Mother: Metaphor, Rhetoric, and Identity in 1 Thessalonians 2:5-8
Mcneel, Jennifer Houston. Paul as Infant and Nursing Mother: Metaphor, Rhetoric, and Identity in 1 Thessalonians 2:5-8. Early Christianity and Its Literature 12. Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014.

Historical Roots of the Old Testament (1200-63 BCE)
Nelson, Richard D., Historical Roots of the Old Testament (1200-63 BCE). Biblical Encyclopedia 13. Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014.

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Clines Awarded Burkett Medal for Biblical Studies The founder of this award, Professor Francis Burkitt, had bronze medals struck in 1923 for presentation by the Academy to scholars in recognition of special services to Biblical studies. After his death in 1935 the medals were given the name Burkitt Medals and alternately rewards work in New Testament Studies and Hebrew Bible Studies. The 2015 winner is Professor David J. A. Clines (University of Sheffield ; 2009 SBL President) for his significant contribution to the study of the Hebrew Bible and Hebrew lexicography. The British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

SBL Job Posting

SBL Press is now accepting applications for a full-time staff position in the Atlanta office: Serial and Reference Manager. For a full job description, a list of necessary qualifications and skills, and instructions on applying for the position, see the PDF posted here.

SBL Press E-books

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Featured titles:

Gospels: Narrative and History 
Mercedes Navarro Puerto, Marinella Perroni, editors
This first volume in the New Testament section of The Bible and Women series, devoted to the Synoptic Gospels and the Johannine Literature, displays the fruits of collaboration of American and Western European scholars. Ranging among historical-critical investigation, archaeological discovery, cultural anthropology, social-scientific modeling, narrative analysis, theological speculation, and reception history, the essays attend to the constructions of gender, the roles and representations of women, and the impact biblical studies has had—and can have—on people’s lives.

Paper $65.95, ISBN 9781589835665
Hardcover $85.95, ISBN 9781628370836
Google Play, ISBN 9781628370867
582 pages • The Bible and Women 2.1

Scripturalizing Revelation: An African American Postcolonial Reading of Empire
Lynne St. Clair Darden
Darden’s reading of Revelation examines John the Seer’s rhetorical strategy, in general, and imperial cult imagery in chapters 4 and 5, in particular, through the lens of an African American scripturalization supplemented by postcolonial theory. The scripturalization proposes that John the Seer’s signifyin(g) on empire demonstrated that he was well aware of the oppressive nature of Roman imperialism on the lives of provincial Asian Christians. Yet, ironically, John reinscribed imperial processes and practices. Darden argues that African American biblical scholarship must now attend adequately to these complex cultural negotiations lest it find itself inadvertently feeding the imperial beast.

Paper $29.95, ISBN 9781628370874
Hardcover $44.95, ISBN 9781628370881
Kindle, ASIN B014V2GTCK
Google Play, ISBN 9781628370898
208 pages • Semeia Studies 80

Keeping the Feast: Metaphors of Sacrifice in 1 Corinthians and Philippians
Jane Lancaster Patterson
Patterson uses cognitive metaphor theory to trace the apostle Paul’s use of metaphors from the Jewish sacrificial system in his moral counsels to the Philippians and the Corinthians. In these letters, Paul moves from the known (the practice of sacrifice) to the unknown (how to live in accord with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ). Patterson illustrates that the significant sacrificial metaphors in 1 Corinthians and Philippians are not derived from Jewish sacrifices of atonement, but rather from the Passover and sacrifices of thanksgiving. Attention to these metaphors demonstrates that imagery drawn from these sacrifices shapes the overall moral counsel of the letters, reveals more varied and nuanced interpretations of sacrificial references in Paul’s letters, and sheds light on Paul’s continuity with Jewish cultic practice.

Paper $32.95, ISBN 9780884140658
Hardcover $47.95, ISBN 9780884140672
Google Play, ISBN 9780884140665
218 pages • Early Christianity and Its Literature 16

Was There a Wisdom Tradition? New Prospects in Israelite Wisdom Studies
Mark R. Sneed, editor
This collection of essays explores questions that challenge the traditional notion of a wisdom tradition among the Israelite literati, such as: Is the wisdom literature a genre or mode of literature or do we need new terminology? Who were the tradents? Is there such a thing as a “wisdom scribe” and what would that look like? Did the scribes who composed wisdom literature also have a hand in producing the other “traditions,” such as the priestly, prophetic, and apocalyptic, as well as other non-sapiential works? Were Israelite sages open to non-sapiential forms of knowledge in their conceptualization of wisdom?
Paper $40.95, ISBN 9781628370997
Hardcover $55.95, ISBN 9781628371000
Kindle, ASIN B014U0F5HS
Google Play, ISBN 9781628371017
338 pages • Ancient Israel and Its Literature 23

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