September 9, 2015 Newsletter
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Bible Odyssey
New content recently added :

Maria Metzler on the Ark of the Covenant. Please take the time to view the excellent images she collected!

Meghan Henning on First-Century Views of the Afterlife.

The above pairs nicely with Byron R. McCane's piece on First-Century Burial Practices.

Julye Bidmead on Women and Wells in the Hebrew Bible.

Clifton Black on the Lord's Prayer.

Tommy Wasserman on Manuscripts of the Lord's Prayer.

Joshua Garroway on the Pharisees.

And Tremper Longman III answers a reader question on the ANE context of Proverbs.

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This month we noticed a big surge in classroom use. Our sincere thanks for your support of this member-driven site, where all of the articles are conceived, written, and reviewed by SBL members!

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International Catacomb Society The International Catacomb Society has a vast amount of archival materials available for instruction and research. Visit their new website to see how they support scholars in their innovative research in the fields of comparative religions, history, archeology, art history, classical studies, or related subjects.

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ICI News

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ICI Books added in August:

The Shape and Shaping of the Book of Psalms: The Current State of Scholarship.

Mark, Mutuality, and Mental Health: Encounters with Jesus.

Memory and Identity in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity: A Conversation with Barry Schwartz.

Nonnus of Nisibis, Commentary on the Gospel of Saint John.

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SBL Job Posting

SBL Press is now accepting applications for a full-time staff position in the Atlanta office: Serial and Reference Manager. For a full job description, a list of necessary qualifications and skills, and instructions on applying for the position, see the PDF posted here.

Call of Nominations

The Society of Biblical Literature is a member-run learned society. Its governance structure depends on the community of volunteer scholars who quite literally take turns leading the organization. Over one-thousand members serve every year, for various terms of office, in many different areas, in order to support SBL’s mission of fostering biblical scholarship. Some positions are initiated by members as they propose book series or program units (and serve as editors and chairs). Members support editors and chairs by serving on book series editorial boards or program unit steering committees. Some work is done in an advisory fashion, or on an ad hoc board that addresses new challenges and opportunities. Still other groups are standing committees, and their members assist with the ongoing programs, policies, and business matters of the Society. For a list of the various committees and boards, see the SBL Committees page (select a committee to read its description). SBL Members are encouraged and invited to submit nominations to fill open positions on SBL committees and boards. Members may nominate themselves. All nominees must be members in good standing of the SBL. For more information on what positions are open, when they open, and on how to submit a name, please link to nomination call flyer.

Annual Meeting Updates

Late Changes to Annual Meeting Program
The Program Book has gone to the printer, so members should expect to receive their books in the mail in October. Please allow plenty of time for yours to arrive. Thanks to those of you who opted out of receiving a printed book when you registered for the meeting and are helping us save on costs and environmental impact.
Based on your feedback, we have set the following procedures for making changes to the Annual Meeting program after the Program Book is printed.

  • Changes to the program between the printing of the Program Book and November 1 will not alter the schedule of sessions, including the order of presenters within sessions and times at which they are scheduled to present. (Changes such as cancellations may be noted, but the schedule represented in the Program Book will remain unaltered.)
  • Changes will not be made after November 1.
  • In rare cases, room changes must be made after November 1. Such changes will be publicized as widely as possible.
  • Late changes will be publicized on a single webpage on the SBL website:
Mobile Application Debuting at the end of October
We will again provide a Mobile Meeting Guide powered by Event Pilot Plus. This mobile app provides members with a technically-reliable, intuitive, and functional solution. At no cost, this mobile app provides attendees with:
  • The entire event program, including SBL, AAR, and Additional Meetings sessions
  • Exhibitor information, including an interactive Exhibit Hall map
  • Maps of the Annual Meetings hotels
  • Find-a-Friend functionality to allow you to locate your colleagues
  • Ability to add sessions and personal events to your Annual Meetings Calendar
Attendees will be able to create and customize their own schedule, make notes about sessions, and share information and their schedule with colleagues and friends via built-in social networking. Because Event Pilot features an intuitive offline program that is native to Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, there is no waiting for schedule downloads or web pages to load and no dealing with slow or nonexistent Wi-Fi connections. Schedule changes are downloaded in the background, allowing attendees immediate access to event information. A similar web-based app will be accessible via Blackberry and personal computers.
You can search for the app in the App Store for iOS or the Google Play store for Android using the keyword AARSBLAM15.

Awards opening October 1
Many of the award programs available to members of SBL will open for submissions on October 1. Check out the webpages of the SBL – De Gruyter Prize for Biblical Studies and Reception History, the Paul J. Achtemeier Award for New Testament Scholarship, and the David Noel Freedman Award for Excellence and Creativity in Hebrew Bible Scholarship for more information. Information on opportunities to present at regional meetings and applying for a Regional Scholar Award is available on the webpages of individual regional meetings.

SBL Press E-books

Don’t forget to visit the Kindle Store and Google Play to search for available SBL Press and Society of Biblical Literature titles.

Featured titles:

Islands, Islanders, and the Bible: RumInations
Jione Havea, Margaret Aymer, and Steed Vernyl Davidson, editors
In this collection of sixteen essays, the authors—islanders who are rooted in Asia, America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Oceania—focus on contextual, cultural, and postcolonial criticisms. Each essay invites a conversation on how being islanders, and the various ruminations of islandedness, conditions the way islanders read biblical texts.

Paper $34.95, ISBN 9781589839465
Hardcover $49.95, ISBN 9781589839472
Google Play, ISBN 9781589839489
250 pages • Semeia Studies 77

The Bible in Greek: Translation, Transmission, and Theology of the Septuagint
Siegfried Kreuzer
This volume presents English and German papers that give an overview on important stages, developments, and problems of the Septuagint and the research related to it. Four sections deal with the cultural and theological background and beginnings of the Septuagint, the Old Greek and recensions of the text, the Septuagint and New Testament quotations, and a discussion of Papyrus 967 and Codex Vaticanus.

Paper $44.95, ISBN 9780884140948
Hardcover $59.95, ISBN 9780884140962
Kindle, ASIN B014GBRBE6
Google Play, ISBN 9780884140955
332 pages • Septuagint and Cognate Studies 63

Internet Platform for Scholarly Bible Texts:
Invitation to an online survey

Whenever scholars work with the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT, they have the Nestle-Aland, the Biblia Hebraica, the UBS Greek New Testament or similar volumes at their side. But what about having all these texts also on your iPad, computer, or mobile phone, so that you no longer have to carry the printed books with you?
The German Bible Society is currently considering the creation of an online portal for their scholarly editions. They have set up an online survey to explore the needs of Biblical scholars, and you are invited to participate. If you complete this survey before September 30, 2015, you can also take part in a prize draw: The prize is a copy of the Tübinger Bibelatlas:
See Survey

ACLS Fellowship Competitions

The first deadline for ACLS fellowship competitions is two weeks away, on Wednesday, September 23 at 9pm ET.
ACLS also has a new set of fellowships designated specifically for liberal arts college faculty that is available through the Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowship for Recently Tenured Scholars. It offers recently tenured liberal arts college faculty in the humanities and humanistic social sciences the opportunity to pursue ambitious research projects for an academic year while in residence at the university department or university-based humanities center of their choice.
Details available here.

Do you have a question, comment, or suggestion about the SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd edition?
If so, please contact SBL Press at

Extensive changes and additions render the first edition outdated
Essential for publishing in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Christian studies
Definitive answers to questions of style, spelling, transliteration, and citation

Hardcover $39.95  •  ISBN 9781589839649  •  368 pages

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