March 23, 2016 Newsletter
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Bible Odyssey

Since our last newsletter, we've added a bunch of new content. Check it out!

Dora Mbuwayesango has a video on sex and reproduction in Genesis

Frank Yamada has a video on Asian hermeneutics

Eric Cline has a video on Bronze Age globalization and its collapse

If your students are confused about chapter and verse, send them to Chris Heard’s new piece

If your students have problems with the Synoptic Problem, send them to Sarah Rollens’ new piece

We venture into Christology with Alicia Batten’s response to a reader question on the influences of honor-shame culture in the NT

And Paul Anderson also answered a reader question about the mysterious “elect lady” of 2 John 1

And just for fun, the most popular search term on the site this past month has been “difference between apostles and disciples.” Thankfully, we have an article on that, by Emory PhD student, Jonathan Potter.

Do you like Bible Odyssey and have nice things to say about it? If so, send your comments to: The National Endowment for the Humanities, which funded the site, is eager to hear how the site is being used out in the world, and what people like about it.

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Almost all new, recent, and backlisted SBL Press and Brown Judaic Studies titles are available to SBL members at a thirty percent discount during the spring sale.

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A joint AAR/SBL memo has gone out addressing concerns about gun control at the Annual Meeting Read it here.

International Cooperation Initiative (ICI) Books

We are very pleased to announce that Sheffield Phoenix Press has contributed a large number of resources to the ICI book repository. Sheffield Phoenix, through its dedication to making excellent biblical scholarship available at affordable prices, has been one of the major contributors to the repository and continues to support the program. We are extraordinarily grateful to the Press for its support!

These books were added to the ICI repository in March

ICI Newsletter Archive

New Titles from SBL Press

Don’t forget to visit the Kindle Store and Google Play to search for available SBL Press and Society of Biblical Literature titles.

Featured titles:

The Mishnah in Contemporary Perspective, Volumes 1 and 2
Alan J. Avery-Peck and Jacob Neusner, editors
This SBL Press paperback edition of the two-part Brill project on the Mishnah displays a broad selection of approaches to the study of the Mishnah in the contemporary academy. The work derives from Israel, North America, and Europe and shows the intellectual vitality of scholarship in all three centers of learning. What these articles show in diverse ways is that the Mishnah forms a critical focus of the study of Judaism. The authors of these studies represent the best of contemporary scholarship on the Mishnah. Because of the many viewpoints included here, this is the most representative selection of contemporary Mishnah study available in any collection in a Western language.

Volume 1 Paperback $44.95, ISBN 9780884141358
Volume 2 Paperback $34.95, ISBN 9780884141365
Volume 1, 286 pages; Volume 2, 234 pages Brill Reprints

Studies in Josephus and the Varieties of Ancient Judaism: Louis H. Feldman Jubilee Volume
Shaye J. D. Cohen and Joshua D. Schwartz, editors
This SBL Press paperback edition of a Brill classic is an essential collection of articles written on topics ranging from Judaism and Hellenism to history of the Mishnah and Talmud. Former students, colleagues, and friends of the eminent classicist and historian Professor Louis H. Feldman are pleased to honor him with a Jubilee volume. While Professor Feldman has long been considered an outstanding scholar of Josephus, his scholarly interests and research interests pertain to almost all aspects of the ancient world and Jews.

Paper $49.95, ISBN 9780884141389
320 pages Brill Reprints

The Intercourse of Knowledge: On Gendering Desire and ‘Sexuality’ in the Hebrew Bible
Athalya Brenner
This SBL Press paperback edition of the groundbreaking Brill book studies how, by what means, and to what extent human love, desire, sex, and possibly even “sexuality,” are gendered in the Hebrew Bible. Following a classification and gendering of the linguistic and semantic data, the investigation looks into the construction of male and female bodies in language and ideologies; the praxis and ideology of sex, procreation, and contraception; deviation from sociosexual boundaries (e.g., incest, rape, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution); eroticism and “pornoprophetics.” Finally, the work discusses some of the wider sociological and theological implications of the findings.

Paper $34.95, ISBN 9780884141372
200 pages Brill Reprints

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