April 18, 2018 Newsletter
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SBL would like to congratulate the following grant and fellowship recipients:

Bart D. Ehrman (Guggenheim fellowship)
Jennifer A. Glancy (ACLS fellowship)
Jeremy Schipper (Guggenheim fellowship)
Caroline T. Schroeder (ACLS fellowship)
David R. Vishanoff (ACLS fellowship)
Benjamin L. White (NEH grant)

Congratulations to Musa Dube on receiving an honorary doctorate from Stellenbosch University.

Council News update

A Tribute to James F. Strange who passed away in March.

Updated SBL Policy Manual

The SBL Policy Manual has been updated with new statements, policies, and procedures approved by Council in 2017, including a Statement on Academic Boycotts.
See the new policy manual here.

SBL Calendar

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ICI News

March 2018 ICI Newsletter

Books Added in March:

Sutskover, Talia.  Sight and Insight In Genesis: A Semantic Study.

Janzen, David. The Necessary King: A Postcolonial Reading of the Deuteronomistic Portrait of the Monarchy.

Phenix Jr., Robert R. and Cornelia B. Horn. The Rabbula Corpus:Comprising the Life of Rabbula,His Correspondence, a Homily Delivered in Constantinople, Canons, and Hymns.

Zehnder, Markus and Hallvard Hagelia, eds. Encountering Violence in the Bible.

Recent SBLHS2 Blog Posts

Citing Page Numbers for Chapters and Articles


Titles in Non-Latin Alphabets

Philo of Alexandria

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Annual Meeting Registration is Open

Registration & Housing for the Annual Meetings 2018 in Denver, CO is now open! You may access your registration page with this link. Please note that registration rates will increase on May 25, so take advantage of the Super Saver discount and register today!

With more than 1,200 academic sessions, and workshops, along with one of the world's largest exhibits of books and digital resources for biblical studies, the Annual Meetings is one of the largest events of the year in the fields of biblical scholarship, religious studies and theology.

There is not a designated headquarter hotel for the Annual Meetings 2018.  Registration and the Exhibit Hall will be located at the Colorado Convention Center.  Sessions will be held in the Colorado Convention Center, Sheraton Downtown, and Hyatt Regency Convention Center hotels.  The Employment Center will be held in the Sheraton Downtown hotel. 

To review additional information about the Annual Meetings 2018, including meeting dates & times, a hotel map and list of amenities, travel information, answers to frequently asked questions, etc. please click here.  We urge you to bookmark this site as it will be updated frequently with the latest Annual Meetings 2018 information

SBL Press Spring Sale

Almost all new, recent, and backlisted SBL Press and BJS titles are available to SBL members at a 30 percent discount during the spring sale. Download the order form, then mail, fax, or phone your order by May 31. If you prefer to order at the SBL Press Store, make sure to use the promo code SPG2018 at checkout to receive your discount.

Congratulations to the 2018 International Travel Award Recipients

Vuyani Stanley Sindo
Dogara Ishaya Manomi
Rachel Borovsky
Alexander Panayotov
Isabel Aparecida Felix
Lallawmzuala Khiangte
Annelle Sabanal
Richard Roy Beckford

International Meeting News

Register for the International Meeting. ( For best results, please register using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)
More information on the International Meeting including the location, housing and tour options.
We hope to see you at the University of Helsinki, July 30-3 August, 2018!

Upcoming International Meeting Locations

2019 (23-26 July): Bangalore, India
2020 (5-9 July): University of Adelaide, Adelaide Australia
2021 (25-29 July): University of Kent, Canterbury, England
2023 (3-7 July): University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Thanks to Luce for the grant for SBLCentral

We are pleased to announce that the Henry Luce Foundation’s theology program awarded the Society of Biblical Literature a two-year grant of $250,000 to support the work of scholars in religion and theology. The announcement states that this grant “will fund the development of an online research platform that will provide faculty, students, librarians and others—including researchers in under-resourced areas of the world—with access to a wider range of scholarly resources.”

Available this month from SBL Press

Poverty, Law, and Divine Justice in Persian and Hellenistic Judah   
Johannes Unsok Ro

In this new book, Johannes Unsok Ro employs philological, historical, and sociological approaches to investigate the close connections between socioeconomic structures, social inequality, and theological developments in the Judean communities in Persian- and Hellenistic-era Palestine. Ro contends that competing points of view from communities of lay returnees, priestly returnees, and communities of resident Judeans and Samaritans were juxtaposed within the Hebrew Bible, which took shape during the postexilic period. By exploring issues such as the relationship between the shaping of the canon and literacy in the Judean community, the term strangers in the biblical law codes, the socioeconomic structures of Judean communities reflected in the biblical law codes, the development of the theological concept of divine punitive justice, the piety of the poor in certain psalms, and the concept of poverty in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Ro illustrates that the communities behind each text and its redactions can be ascertained through sociological and theological lenses.

Paper $38.95, ISBN 9781628372069
Hardcover $53.95, ISBN 9780884142867 
Kindle, ASIN B07BR6VG9V
Google Play, ISBN 9780884142850 
318 pages • 2018 • Ancient Israel and Its Literature 32

The Rhetoric of Abraham’s Faith in Romans 4   
Andrew Kimseng Tan

Andrew Kimseng Tan examines Romans using sociorhetorical interpretation to determine how Paul attempted to alleviate dissension between Judean (or “Jewish”) and non-Judean (or “gentile”) Christians. Through his analysis of Paul’s rhetoric, Tan reveals that Paul used Abraham’s faith in Genesis to demonstrate that both groups were equally children and heirs of Abraham whose acceptance by God was through the same kind of faith that Abraham possessed, not through the Mosaic law, which Judean Christians claimed gave them a special honored status with God.

Paper $44.95, ISBN 9781628372083
Hardcover $59.95, ISBN 9780884142898 
Kindle, ASIN B07BR9D1D5
Google Play, ISBN 9780884142904 
348 pages • 2018 • Emory Studies in Early Christianity 20

Available from Brown Judaic Studies

Supplementation and the Study of the Hebrew Bible    
Saul M. Olyan and Jacob L. Wright, editors

This new volume includes ten original essays that demonstrate clearly how common, variegated, and significant the phenomenon of supplementation in the Hebrew Bible is. Contributors examine instances of supplementation ranging from minor additions to aid pronunciation, to fill in abbreviations, or to clarify ambiguous syntax to far more elaborate changes, such as interpolations within a work of prose, in a prophetic text, or in a legal text. Scholars also examine supplementation by the addition of an introduction, a conclusion, or an introductory and concluding framework to a particular lyrical, legal, prophetic, or narrative text. The volume contributes to the further development of a panbiblical compositional perspective by significantly advancing our understanding of the role of supplementation in the development of the Hebrew Bible as a whole.

Paper $30.95, ISBN 9781946527059
Hardcover $45.95, ISBN 9781946527073 
Kindle, ASIN B07C5BH32G
Google Play, ISBN 9781946527066 
240 pages • 2018 • Brown Judaic Studies 361



Extensive changes and additions render the first edition outdated
Essential for publishing in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Christian studies
Definitive answers to questions of style, spelling, transliteration, and citation

Hardcover $39.95  •  ISBN 9781589839649  •  368 pages
                        Kindle ASIN B00WVGD4AY  •  Google Play  ISBN 9781589839656

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