January 10, 2018 Newsletter
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SBL Obituaries

Gene M. Tucker (1935-2018)
SBL President 1996 

Jonathan Z. Smith (1938-2017)
SBL President 2008 

Lawrence E. Stager (1943-2017)

Ernest J. Revell (1934-2017) 

Otto Kaiser (1924-2017) 

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Updated SBL Policy Manual

The SBL Policy Manual has been updated with new statements, policies, and procedures approved by Council in 2017, including a Statement on Academic Boycotts. See the new policy manual here.

SBL Calendar

The Conference on Religious and Philosophical Conversion in Ancient Mediterranean Traditions (CoRPC), will take place at the University of Bonn from 25 to 27 of September 2018.
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Beginning the Development of SBL Central

The development of SBLCentral, a research platform for SBL members, began in November 2017, with the support of many sponsors. You can read more about the initiative here.

Awards Programs with January Deadlines

January 10 is the last day to submit your letter of intent for the following awards:

Don’t miss this opportunity. Submit your letter of intent today!

SBL International Travel Awards Applications

The SBL International Travel Awards offer opportunities to current SBL members outside North America to attend the Annual or International Meeting, to participate in the program, to enhance their professional development, and to build their network with fellow scholars. These grants help facilitate the work of Program Units and the International Cooperation Initiative (“ICI”). The International Travel Awards defray transportation, hotel accommodations, and other expenses incurred for the Annual or International Meetings. Award monies will be distributed as reimbursement for expenses incurred for travel to/from the meeting and meals while attending the meeting. Please visit the travel grant page for information on eligibility, criteria, and application instructions.

2018 Annual Meeting Call for Papers Open

Co-hosted by the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion, the 2018 Annual Meetings will be held November 17-20 in Denver, Colorado. The call for papers for the 2018 Annual Meeting is now open. Proposals will be accepted through 6 March 2018. You can review the program units participating in 2018 here.

The call for papers for the 2018 International Meeting remains open as well. The deadline for submission for the International Meeting is 13 February 2018.

New Annual Meeting Program Unit Applications

Applications for new program units for the Annual Meeting are due January 15. Submit your application here.  


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