March 15, 2018 Newsletter
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Kudos: Paula Fredriksen Receives Honorary Doctorate

SBL member and Boston University Aurelio Professor of Scripture emerita Paula Fredriksen is being honored with a PhD h.c. in Humanities by Hebrew University. The honorary degree is presented to those who have delivered remarkable service to Hebrew University, exhibited scholarly or creative achievement, or whose efforts have made a noteworthy impact on humanity or the State of Israel. Congratulations Paula!

Updated SBL Policy Manual

The SBL Policy Manual has been updated with new statements, policies, and procedures approved by Council in 2017, including a Statement on Academic Boycotts.
See the new policy manual here.

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The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) is pleased to announce the 2018 cohort of Luce/ACLS Fellows in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs. The Luce/ACLS Fellowships support scholars pursuing research on global religions who seek to connect their scholarship to journalism and media audiences. The program, which aims to increase public understanding of the role of religion in international affairs, is made possible by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.


SBL is a proud sponsor of ImaginePhD, a free online career exploration and planning tool for PhD students, postdoctoral candidates, and scholars in the humanities and social sciences.

SBLCentral—Thanks De Gruyter!

As announced on p. 6 of the 2017 Society Report, SBL is now developing an online research platform. SBLCentral will provide access to the most current scholarly communication—books, book reviews, journal articles, and conference papers—and will deliver custom alerts to users when new subject-specific resources are published or produced.

De Gruyter has joined the growing list of SBLCentral Foundation Sponsors:

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De Gruyter
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Thanks to all these organizations for their support!

SBL Press Spring Sale

Almost all new, recent, and backlisted SBL Press and BJS titles are available to SBL members at a 30 percent discount during the spring sale. Download the order form, then mail, fax, or phone your order by May 31. If you prefer to order at the SBL Press Store, make sure to use the promo code SPG2018 at checkout to receive your discount.

Meeting News

We are pleased to announce that registration for The International Meeting is now open! Click here to register for the conference. Note:  For best results, please register using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Click here for more information on the meeting including the location, housing and tour options.
If you are interested in booking a room at one of our conference hotels, or reserving a spot on one of the tours, we recommend that you do so right away, as spaces are extremely limited.
We hope to see you at the University of Helsinki, July 30-3 August, 2018!

Membership Benefits

As part of your Society of Biblical Literature membership, save 50% on the annual JPASS plan, your personal access to the JSTOR archive. With more than 1,900 scholarly journals, JSTOR is one of the world’s leading academic databases. Millions of users worldwide rely on JSTOR for research, fact checking, and book reviews. This discounted subscription includes unlimited reading access and 120 article downloads. JSTOR adds new titles every month so you’ll have a growing collection of the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals only a click away.
You must link to JSTOR from the SBL site to get the discount: login and click the membership benefits button in the welcome box.

2017 SBL-AAR Job Advertisement Data Report

The 2017 Jobs Report from the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion is now available. This report includes employment listing data from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 for the Academic Year (AY) 2017. While not representative of all positions in our fields, the data provide important information for employers, candidates, and those active in biblical, religious, and theological scholarship. The report may be downloaded at Job Advertisement Data 2016-2017. Previous reports are available here.

Available this month from SBL Press

Reading and Teaching Ancient Fiction: Jewish, Christian, and Greco-Roman Narratives
Sara R. Johnson, Rubén R. Dupertuis, and Christine Shea, Editors

The essays in this volume explore facets of ongoing research into the interplay of history, fiction, and narrative in ancient Greco-Roman, Jewish, and Christian texts. Particular attention is given to the way in which ancient authors in a variety of genre and cultural settings employ a range of narrative strategies to reflect on pressing contemporary issues, shape community identity, or provide moral and educational guidance for their readers. This volume, the third in a series of volumes of collected papers emerging from the work of the “Ancient Fiction and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative” section of the Society of Biblical Literature since its formation in 1992, is the first to highlight the growing importance of strategies to integrate the fruits of this research into the university classroom and beyond.

Paper $40.95, ISBN 9781628371963
Hardcover $55.95, ISBN 9780884142614 
Kindle, ASIN B07B5MV7GC
Google Play, ISBN 9780884142607
338 pages • 2018 • Writings from the Greco-Roman World Supplement 11

The First Urban Churches 3: Ephesus    
James R. Harrison and L. L. Welborn, Editors

This third installment of The First Urban Churches edited by James R. Harrison and L. L. Welborn focuses on the urban context of Christian churches in first-century Ephesus. Building on the methodologies introduced in the first volume, contributors illustrate how an investigation of inscriptions, papyri, archaeological remains, coins, and iconography helps readers understand properly the challenges, threats, and opportunities that the early Ephesian believers faced in that city. The essays demonstrate decisively the difference that such an approach makes in grappling with the meaning and context of the New Testament writings, particularly Ephesians, Acts, and Revelation.

Paper $46.95, ISBN 9780884142348
Hardcover $61.95, ISBN 9780884142362 
Kindle, ASIN B079J3MSTL
Google Play, ISBN 9780884142355
382 pages • 2018 • Writings from the Greco-Roman World Supplement 9



Extensive changes and additions render the first edition outdated
Essential for publishing in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Christian studies
Definitive answers to questions of style, spelling, transliteration, and citation

Hardcover $39.95  •  ISBN 9781589839649  •  368 pages
                        Kindle ASIN B00WVGD4AY  •  Google Play  ISBN 9781589839656

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