December 11, 2019 Newsletter
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SBL Press congratulates Kristine Henriksen Garroway, winner of the Biblical Archaeology Society 2019 Publication Award for Best Book Relating to the Hebrew Bible for her Growing Up in Ancient Israel: Children in Material Culture and Biblical Texts. Purchase your copy from the SBL Press store in hardcover or paperback. The e-book is available from Amazon and Google Play.


Congratulation to Kristin De Troyer on being elected as member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

2019 IM Call for Papers

The call for papers for the 2020 International Meeting remains open. The deadline for submission for the International Meeting is 29 January 2020.

New Annual Meeting Program Unit Applications

Applications for new program units for the Annual Meeting are due 15 January 2020.
Submit your application here.  

Annual Meeting Book Sale

Almost all new, recent, and backlisted SBL Press and Brown Judaic Studies titles are available to SBL members at a 30 percent discount during the Annual Meeting Fall Sale. Download the order form, then mail or fax your order by December 15, 2019. If you prefer to order by phone or online at the SBL Press Store, make sure to use the promo code FL2019 at checkout to receive your discount.

New SBL Member Benefit from JSTOR

JSTOR has invited SBL into a two-year pilot program that provides access for all SBL members to more than one hundred journals in JSTOR’s Religion and Theology Collection. To visit the collection, log in to the member benefits page and use the link in the JSTOR section. SBL is grateful to JSTOR for this member benefit through 2020.

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Today is the SBL Day of Giving

A group of SBL members has pledged matching gifts to double the success of SBLís Day of Giving. Your gift will support:

  • More travel awards
  • The ICI repository, serving students and scholars in underresourced areas of the globe
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SBL International Travel Awards Applications

The SBL International Travel Award applications are now open. These awards offer opportunities to current SBL members outside North America to attend the Annual or International Meeting, to participate in the program, to enhance their professional development, and to build their network with fellow scholars. The International Travel Awards defray transportation, hotel accommodations, and other expenses incurred for the Annual or International Meetings. Please visit the travel award page for information on eligibility, criteria, and application instructions.

Awards Open for Submission

The following awards are open for submission. All require an Intention to Submit email be sent in no later than 10 January 2020.

Please visit the award pages for submission requirements and additional information.

New from SBL Press

The History and Archaeology of Phoenicia
Hélène Sader

The History and Archaeology of Phoenicia draws on written sources and archaeological excavations to present the history and archaeology of Iron Age Phoenicia proper. Hélène Sader’s unique approach focuses on evidence from the Phoenician homeland, rather than the colonies, to present a clear picture of Phoenicia and its inhabitants. Historical as well as modern maps with the locations of relevant archaeological sites familiarize readers with the topography and toponymy of the area. Sader’s evaluation and synthesis of the evidence is a corrective to assumptions of a unified Phoenician kingdom as presented in later written sources.

Paperback • Hardcover • Kindle • Google Play

The Community Rule: A Critical Edition with Translation
Sarianna Metso

The Dead Sea Scrolls text known as the Community Rule describes the religious beliefs and practices as well as the organizational rules of the group behind the Scrolls. However, different manuscripts of the Community Rule show considerable variation, which displays the work of ancient Jewish scribes and their intentional literary development of the text. In this volume, Sarianna Metso brings together the surviving evidence in a new edition that presents a critically established Hebrew text with an introduction, English translation, and textual notes.

Paperback • Hardcover • Kindle • Google Play

Reading the Epistle of James: A Resource for Students
Eric F. Mason and Darian R. Lockett, editors

This accessible student introduction to contemporary scholarship on the Epistle of James explores the possible sources and backgrounds used by the author of James, the genre and literary structure of the book, and its major theological themes. Subsequent chapters examine the book’s reception in the early church, the relationship between the epistle and the historical James, and major Catholic and Protestant interpretations of the book in the Reformation era.

The First Urban Churches 5: Colossae, Hierapolis, and Laodicea
James R. Harrison and L. L. Welborn, editors

This fifth installment of The First Urban Churches focuses on the urban context of Christian churches in first-century Roman Colossae, Hierapolis, and Laodicea. Building on the methodologies introduced in the first volume, contributors illustrate how an investigation of inscriptions, papyri, archaeological remains, coins, and iconography helps readers to understand properly the challenges, threats, and opportunities that the early Christ-believers faced in the cities of the Lycus Valley. 





Extensive changes and additions render the first edition outdated
Essential for publishing in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Christian studies
Definitive answers to questions of style, spelling, transliteration, and citation

Hardcover $39.95  •  ISBN 9781589839649  •  368 pages
                        Kindle ASIN B00WVGD4AY  •  Google Play  ISBN 9781589839656

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