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2021 International Meeting Call for Papers

The call for papers for the 2021 International Meeting in Canterbury, England is now open. More Information.

5-minute Survey to Save Ancient Studies

As part of SASA’s research project on the Downward Trend in Ancient Studies, we are working on understanding what draws people into Ancient Studies. Please spend 5 minutes to take this survey, SASA Research Survey on Entry Paths into Ancient Studies. The results of this survey will help us analyze the variety of paths into our fields and to thereby better target SASA’s strategies for engaging young adults in the ancient world and attracting new students. Watch a short clip by SASA's Director, David Danzig, explaining the value of this survey:

Advancing Public Knowledge on Race, Justice, and Religion in America

The Henry Luce Foundation's Theology Program invites new inquiries for projects seeking to advance public knowledge on the topic of race, justice, and religion in America.
The Luce Foundation encourages the submission of letters of inquiry from seminaries and divinity schools, colleges and universities, and other institutions and organizations committed to enriching public discourse on this topic.
Due no later than February 15, 2021

New Africana Scholarship Resources

To support the advancement of minoritized scholarship as well as minoritized students interested in pursuing biblical studies, SBL is developing a collection of resources on Africana Scholarship. These resources are linked under the Education drop-down on the SBL site. There you can find the archived videos of the two sessions from the Black Scholars Matter Symposium as well as three new pages, which will be continually be updated: Resources for Students Interested in Pursuing a PhD in Biblical Studies, Bibliography for Africana Scholarship, Anti-racism, and Minoritized Biblical Interpretation, and Contacts for Black Church Studies Programs.

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The SBL Virtual Annual Meeting

The 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting is now finished, but registered attendees can still access recorded sessions via the online planner and mobile app. Just be sure you are logged in with your reference number and navigate to the session. If the session was recorded, you will see a “View Recording” button. Click/tap that button to view the session recording. Recorded sessions will be available until 31 January.

The 2020 Presidential Address delivered by Adele Reinhartz is available to view on the SBL website.

SBL International Travel Awards Applications

The SBL International Travel Award applications are now open. These awards offer opportunities to current SBL members outside North America to attend the Annual or International Meeting, to participate in the program, to enhance their professional development, and to build their network with fellow scholars. The International Travel Awards defray transportation, hotel accommodations, and other expenses incurred for the Annual or International Meetings. Please visit the travel award page for information on eligibility, criteria, and application instructions.

Awards Open for Submission

The following awards are open for submission. All require an Intent to Submit form to be complete no later than 10 January 2020.

Please visit the award pages for submission requirements and additional information.

New Annual Meeting Program Unit Applications

Applications for new program units for the Annual Meeting are due 15 January 2020.
Submit your application here

New from SBL Press

Last Chance for 30% off!
Our Virtual Annual Meeting Bookstore closes December 31. Check out our new titles for 2020, page through the introductions, and order SBL Press and BJS titles for 30 percent off using the code AM2020. We look forward to seeing you all next year in San Antonio!

Early Judaism and Its Modern Interpreters

Matthias Henze and Rodney A. Werline, editors

Since the publication of the first edition of Early Judaism and Its Modern Interpreters in 1986, the field of early Judaism has exploded with new data, the publication of additional texts, and the adoption of new methods. This new edition of the classic resource honors the spirit of the earlier volume and focuses on the scholarly advances in the past four decades that have led to the study of early Judaism becoming an academic discipline in its own right. Essays written by leading scholars in the study of early Judaism fall into four sections: historical and social settings; methods, manuscripts, and materials; early Jewish literatures; and the afterlife of early Judaism.

 • Hardcover • E-book
My Nine Lives: Sixty Years in Israeli and Biblical Archaeology
William G. Dever

This autobiography of prominent American archaeologist William G. Dever is unabashedly his story, in which he offers candid, often brutally honest, reflections on his life and sixty-five-year career. Dever places himself in the midst of a remarkable generation of giants in archaeology in Israel during a period when the fields of biblical and Israeli archaeology were evolving. With technical expertise developed over a lifetime of working alongside four generations of Israeli and foreign excavators, he recalls their exploits and shares numerous personal stories that few others would know. His memoir concludes with a postscript on the likely future of biblical archaeology and an annotated bibliography for serious readers who wish to explore the scholarly literature to flesh out Dever’s narrative.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

Conquered Conquerors: Love and War in the Song of Songs
Danilo Verde

Although love transcends historical and cultural boundaries, its conceptualizations, linguistic expressions, and literary representations vary from culture to culture. In this study, Danilo Verde examines love through the military imagery found throughout the Song’s eight chapters. Verde approaches the military metaphors, similes, and scenes of the Song using cognitive metaphor theory to explore the overlooked representation of love as war. Additionally, this book investigates how the Song conceptualizes both the male and the female characters, showing that the concepts of masculinity and femininity are tightly interconnected in the poem. Conquered Conquerors provides fresh insights into the Song’s figurative language and the conceptualization of gender in biblical literature.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

Aseneth of Egypt: The Composition of a Jewish Narrative
Patricia D. Ahearne-Kroll

Aseneth of Egypt: The Composition of a Jewish Narrative examines manuscripts of Joseph and Aseneth for common elements in order to propose a base storyline that can be used to locate the story’s origin. Patricia D. Ahearne-Kroll contextualizes the story of Joseph and Aseneth in Hellenistic Egypt by demonstrating how the base storyline reflects the literary impulse of Greek-speaking Jewish writers to redescribe their identity in Egypt and Judean connections to the land of Egypt, while incorporating Ptolemaic strategies of legitimation of power.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

New from Bible Odyssey

Interpretations of Jonah
Enumi Elish

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