20 April 2022 Newsletter
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Bible Odyssey Survey

As Bible Odyssey prepares to enter its second decade online, we would like to hear from you and your students. How do you use Bible Odyssey? What can we improve? Let us know by completing this 5–10 minute survey by April 30, 2022. Your responses and those of your students will help us serve your needs better.

New from Bible Odyssey

The Importance of Thinking about Paulís Chronology
Reconstructing Paulís Life
Approaches Scholars Use to Reconstruct Paulís Life
The Bible and Violent Extremism
Gospel of Peter
Matthew (Disciple)
Rahab from a Cuban Perspective
Preaching of Peter

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SBL Press Spring Sale

All SBL Press and Brown Judaic Studies titles are available to SBL members at a 30 percent discount during the Spring Sale. View the complete introductions to new and recent titles on the SBL Press Book Booth site. Visit the SBL Press store, and use the promo code SPRING22 at checkout to receive your discount now through 30 April 2022.

New from SBL Press

Torah: Functions, Meanings, and Diverse Manifestations in Early Judaism and Christianity
William M. Schniedewind, Jason M. Zurawski, and Gabriele Boccaccini, editors

Scholars of early Jewish and Christian literature rethink some of the most basic scholarly assumptions and preconceptions about the nature of torah in light of new critical approaches. Essays explore torah through philological, historical-critical, cultural-historical, transcultural, postcolonial, biocultural evolutionary, material, and performance studies—methodologies that better address the complexity of the topic and better reflect the ambiguity and fluidity inherent in the concept of torah itself.

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book 

Postclassical Greek and Septuagint Lexicography
William A. Ross

In this study of the language of the Septuagint, William A. Ross approaches the corpus in light of its contemporary Greek linguistic environment rather than by comparing the Greek to a supposed Hebrew or Aramaic Vorlage. Ross employs a textually based study of the double text of Judges. The results offer a window into the Old Greek translation and its later revision, two distinct stages of the book with numerous instances of divergent vocabulary choices that reflect deliberateness in both the original selection and the subsequent change within the textual development of the book. In the process, Ross also outlines the many challenges of Septuagint lexicography and points the way forward.

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Apocalyptic Sheep and Goats in Matthew and 1 Enoch 
Elekosi F. Lafitaga

In this volume Elekosi F. Lafitaga reexamines Matthew’s vision of the sheep and goats in the judgment of the nations, which are often interpreted as metaphors for the saved and the condemned. Lafitaga views these images in the wider context of the rhetoric of apocalyptic communication stretching back to Matthew 3. This broader context reveals that the vision of Matthew 25 serves to exhort Israel in the here and now according to the torah, with salvation for Israel involving an indispensable responsibility to love and serve humanity. Central to Lafitaga’s analysis is the highly probable scenario that the material in Matthew is dependent on the Book of Dreams (1 Enoch 83–90).

Paperback • Hardcover • E-book

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Essential for publishing in ancient Near Eastern, biblical, and early Christian studies
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