17 August 2022 Newsletter
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Application for New International Meeting Program Units

The International Meeting Program Committee (IMPC) invites you to submit ideas for new program units by September 1. The IMPC reviews program unit proposals and renewals and evaluates the distribution of topics and sessions among program units. Proposals will be reviewed by the IMPC within the month. More information can be found here, including the criteria for review of proposals and the application form.

In Memoriam

Norman K. Gottwald  The 1992 President of SBL
Joseph Aviram
Anthea McCall

New from Bible Odyssey

Prophets and the Royal Court in the Ancient Near East
Healing of the Centurions Slave
Sea Travel and Shipwrecks in the Ancient World
Jezebel from an African-American Perspective
Marriage in the New Testament

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New from SBL Press

Tiglath-Pileser III, Founder of the Assyrian Empire
Josette Elayi

Most modern historians consider Tiglath-pileser III, king of Assyria from 745 to 727 BCE,  to be the true founder of the Assyrian Empire. In this biography and history of his reign, Josette Elayi explores questions surrounding how Tiglath-pileser managed to expand the Assyrian Empire after a period of weakness, what effects Assyrian domination had on Israel and Judah, and how the two kingdoms’ fates differed. Using archaeological and written sources for the period, Elayi completes her trilogy of biographies, which includes Sargon II and Sennacherib. Elayi provides yet another essential resource for scholars and students of Assyrian history and the Hebrew Bible.

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Risen Indeed? Resurrection and Doubt in the Gospel of Mark
Austin Busch

This new book from Austin Busch traces the literary dynamics and explores the theological dimensions of the Gospel of Mark’s thematization of skepticism regarding resurrection. In every place where it seems to depict resurrection—Jesus’s and others’—Mark equivocates as to whether resurrection actually occurs. Busch argues that, despite Mark’s truncated conclusion, this gospel does not downplay resurrection but rather foregrounds it, imagining Jesus’s death and restoration to life as a divine plot to overcome Satan through cunning deception. Risen Indeed? constitutes a careful literary reading of Mark’s Gospel, as well as an assessment of Mark’s impact on the traditions of Christian literature and theology that emerged in its wake.

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Paul Unbound: Other Perspectives on the Apostle
Mark D. Given, editor

The essays in this second edition of Paul Unbound: Other Perspectives on the Apostle serve as an introduction for advanced undergraduate and graduate students to Paul’s relationship to the Roman Empire, the economy, his opponents, ethnicity, the law, Judaism, women, and Greco-Roman rhetoric. Contributors Warren Carter, Charles H. Cosgrove, A. Andrew Das, Steven J. Friesen, Mark D. Given, Deborah Krause, Mark D. Nanos, and Jerry L. Sumney have expanded their original essays and updated the bibliography to take into account scholarship produced in the decade since the publication of the first edition.

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Commentary on the Old Greek and Peshitta of Isaiah 1–25
Ronald L. Troxel

Ronald L. Troxel’s new textual commentary on Isaiah focuses on the book’s Greek and Syriac translations and seeks to recover, as much as possible, the Hebrew texts on which these early translations relied. Troxel treats the Greek and Syriac together in order to present a detailed analysis of their relationship, devoting particular attention to whether the Syriac was directly or indirectly influenced by the Greek.

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Ancient Christian Apocrypha: Marginalized Texts in Early Christianity
Outi Lehtipuu, Silke Petersen, editors

This collection of essays in the Bible and Women series examines ancient noncanonical Christian texts for what they reveal about women, their engagement with Scripture, and attitudes toward women in various texts from the second to eighth century. Contributors focus on historical women and their active roles in early Christianity, women as rhetorical tools in male-dominated discourse, and female figures in early Christian mythologies.

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