19 October 2022 Newsletter
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Call for Nominations for Council and Committees of Council

The Nominating Committee will begin its work submitting names to Council to fill positions open January 2023. SBL Members are encouraged and invited to submit nominations. Members may nominate themselves. All nominees must be members in good standing of the SBL. The following committees will have positions open in 2023:

  • SBL Council
  • SBL Vice President/President-elect
  • Nominating Committee
  • Annual Meeting Program Committee
  • International Meeting Program Committee
  • Research and Publications Committee
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession Committee
  • International Cooperation Initiative Committee
  • Students in the Profession Committee
  • LGBTIQ+ Scholars and Scholarship Committee
  • Development Committee
  • ACLS Delegate

Nominations should include: a summary of the nominee’s participation in SBL; a statement describing the nominee’s interest in that particular group; and a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae. To submit a nomination, please email nominations@sbl-site.org.

*** The Nominating Committee reviews nominations and nominates to Council members of standing committees and representatives to other organizations as required. The Nominating Committee also nominates to the Society the President, Vice-President, and Council members. Elections for nominees are held at the Annual Business Meeting. (Program Committees nominate and vote on Program Unit Chairs and report to Nominating Committee and Council. The Research and Publications Committee nominates and votes on Book Series Editors and reports to Nominating Committee and Council. Members who attend the Business Meeting will receive a report of all votes by Council, Research and Publications, and Program Committee. For more information on Policies and Governance, see the SBL Policy Manual.) For a list of the various committees and their responsibilities, see https://www.sbl-site.org/aboutus/committees.aspx and select a committee to read its description.

CUREMP Outstanding Mentor Award 2022

The SBL and its Committee on Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession (CUREMP) are pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of SBL’s Outstanding Mentor Award — Drs. Efraín Agosto and Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon. CUREMP established this award in 2020 to honor scholars of color who provide exceptional mentorship to other scholars/students of color. Agosto and Melanchthon were nominated for this award because of their influence in the field through their scholarship, teaching, and mentoring. Previous recipients of the award include Wil Gafney (2020), Fernando Segovia (2020), Randall Bailey (2021), and Gale Yee (2021). Congratulations, Professors Efraín Agosto and Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon.

CSWP Outstanding Service in Mentorship Award 2022

The SBL and its Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession (CSWP) are delighted to announce the 2022 recipients of SBL’s Outstanding Service in Mentorship Award — Drs. Hindy Najman, Felicity Harley-McGowan, and Jacqueline Vayntrub.

Each year at the SBL Annual Meeting, CSWP honors women who have been mentors to women in the field. These mentors have provided invaluable guidance, advice, and encouragement. They serve as role models and assist other women in navigating career choices, building professional networks, and developing strategies for work-life balance. CSWP honors mentors in order to recognize their contributions and to encourage mentoring relationships. CSWP will confer the award to Professors Hindy Najman, Felicity Harley-McGowan, and Jacqueline Vayntrub at this year’s Women’s Breakfast.

Congratulations, Professors Hindy Najman, Felicity Harley-McGowan, and Jacqueline Vayntrub. 

New from Bible Odyssey

Israel as a Person, People, and Place
Milk and Honey (Exodus 3:8)
Sacrifice in the Ancient Mediterranean World
The Legacy of the Bible in Justifying Slavery

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New from SBL Press

The Philosophy, Theology, and Rhetoric of Marius Victorinus
Stephen A. Cooper and Václav Němec, editors

This collection of essays is devoted to the rhetoric, Neoplatonic philosophy, and Christian theology of Marius Victorinus, a mid-fourth-century professor of rhetoric and philosopher who converted to Christianity late in life. Contributors, including Jan Dominik Bogataj, Michael Chase, Nello Cipriani, Stephen A. Cooper, Volker Henning Drecoll, Lenka Karfíková, Josef Lössl, Václav Němec, Thomas Riesenweber, Guadalupe Lopetegui Semperena, Miran Špelič, Chiara O. Tommasi, John D. Turner, and Florian Zacher, explore the many facets of Victorinus’s writings and thought, from his use of philosophical sources, to his treatises and hymns on the Trinity, and his commentary on Cicero's Rhetoric.

YHWH'S Divine Images: A Cognitive Approach
Daniel O. McClellan

In YHWH’s Divine Images: A Cognitive Approach, Daniel O. McClellan addresses the longstanding question of how it is that divine images could be referred to as if they both were and were not the deities they represented. Drawing insights from the fields of cognitive linguistics and the cognitive science of religion, McClellan develops a theoretical framework for divine agency and divine images in ancient Southwest Asia that explains this apparent paradox. He then applies that framework to the Hebrew Bible to show that the presence of the God of Israel was similarly manifested through material media devoted to precisely that purpose.


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