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International Cooperation in Teaching
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SBL is establishing databases that will facilitate international cooperation in teaching. Scholars who are interested in and willing to (co)supervise and generally mentor students in institutions outside their home country or those who would like to travel to another country to teach are all encouraged to participate in this exciting initiative. Teaching abroad can be a wonderfully enriching experience. Some institutions may be able to only provide room and/or board, but the rewards of living in and experiencing the culture of another country cannot be measured monetarily. Retirees, as well as scholars on sabbatical or with travel time, are invited to join this initiative.

Institutions that are interested in these types of cooperative efforts will be listed in a separate database. Individual scholars and schools will then have the information needed to contact each other and make their own arrangements. The SBL will not be responsible for any arrangements made by these parties. The SBL, as the host of these databases, will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the individuals who offer their services through these databases. Scholars and institutions that wish to participate should complete the appropriate online forms and submit the information for inclusion in the databases to SBL.
If you are submitting as an instructor, please go to the Instructor's FormIf you are submitting on behalf of an institution, the Institution Form is below.

Any questions regarding the International Cooperation in Teaching initiative should be directed to SBLICI.

Please complete the form below if your Institution would like to be included in the Institution Database:

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