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S22-149 What is Bible?
In the summer of 2010 SBL, University of Koblenz-Landau and University of Vienna (Prof. Karin Finsterbusch/ Prof. Armin Lange) organized an international symposium dedicated to the question of What is Bible? The following lectures will be addressed at Annual Meeting in Atlanta, session number S22-149.The program to the conference can be found here. 
Welcome and Opening Remarks (partially recorded)
Prof. Karin Finsterbusch
Prof. Dr. Roman Heiligenthal,
President of the University Koblenz Landau
Landesrabbiner Netanael Wurmser (Stuttgart)
Oberkirchenrat Rainer Schäfer (Speyer)

Biblical Debates
(lectures: 20 Min)
Biblical Archaeology/History – yes or no:
Prof. Dr. Yossi Garfinkel and Prof. Dr. Lester Grabbe

Biblical Literature – yes or no:
Prof. Dr. Kent Richards and Prof. Dr. Gabriele Boccaccini

Biblical Interpretation – yes or no:
Prof. Dr. Beate Ego and Dr. Michael Segal

Biblical Thought and Theology – yes or no:
Prof. Dr. Christine Helmer and Prof. Dr. Udo Rüterswörden

Bible between Judaism and Christianity
Prof. Dr. Devorah Dimant,
The Hebrew Bible in Jewish Context

Prof. Dr. Werner H. Schmidt,
The Christian Bible (lecture given in German)
Prof. Dr. Bernard Levinson,
The Development of the Jewish Bible

Prof. Dr. Tobias Nicklas,
The Development of the Christian Bible

 Between Torah and Bible (I)
(lectures: 30 Min)
Prof. Dr. Lawrence Schiffman,
The Term and Concept of Torah

Prof. Dr. Alexander Samely,
The Term and Concept of Miqra’

Prof. Dr. Tal Ilan,
The Term and Concept of TaNaKh

Between Torah and Bible (II)
(lectures: 30 Min)

Prof. Dr. Roland Deines,
The Term and Concept of Scripture

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Joseph Fabry,
The Term and Concept of Old Testament

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Mittmann,
The Term and Concept of New Testament

Concluding Debate with the Floor


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